YETI 36oz Bottle with Chug Cap (1L)


The Rambler® 36 oz. Bottle (1L) is designed for a life in the wild. Scorching days on the ranch and keeping you hydrated through rugged terrain are this bottle’s calling, second only to keeping your drinks icy cold (or perfectly hot). For easy cleaning and use day after day, this reusable bottle is dishwasher safe. With a quick twist, the TripleHaul™ handle comes off, exposing our shatter-resistant, dishwasher safe spout that allows for controlled gulps on the go. When it’s time for a wash or refill, remove the entire cap to expose the bottle’s wide mouth. Find a colour that calls to you – these big bottles are available in stainless, DuraCoat™, and Seasonal finishes.


Outside 29.2 cm x 9.5 cm
Empty Weight 694 g

    So give the MagSlider Lid all you've got.

  • 100% Leakproof
    Carry it with confidence.

    Keeps fingers dry and free from frostbite.