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The Creatures of Leisure SUPERLITE leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world specifically developed with custom materials for a no leash feel. 

Why do we love it?

The WTI Welded Mesh is a never seen before cuff material developed by and exclusive to Creatures of Leisure. The TPU coating is extremely lightweight and hear wearing, providing water resistance while in use which reduces weight and maintains material integrity. 

The Non-slip Cuff prevents rotation on the ankle. Using specially designed, engineered neo-mesh spongy material is now even lighter with a reduced profile creating a firmer fit and a lighter cuff. Combined with the Elliptical Horn, this Non-slip Cuff creates the ultimate fixed position that will not rotate on your ankle. 

The Surefire Leash Release is a permanently upright injection moulded urethane tag which is easy to pull, especially in an emergency situation. The ergonomic design has permeation holes which allow the flow of water and reduces weight making it a far superior release tag over a standard webbing loop.


    What do the pros have to say?

    • “Hawaii is the proving grounds for surfers and their equipment....the SUPERLITE leash and all of my Creatures products never let me down in any situation.” - Ethan Ewing
    • "The new SUPERLITE leash is insane. It’s really comfortable on the ankle and feels like there’s nothing attached to my leg. There's also no drag when paddling." - World Tour Surfer, Griffin Colapinto
    • "The SUPERLITE leash is where lightness meets strength. It gives me an added boost of confidence during every session. Whether it's in heats at solid Teahupoo or free-surfing on the Goldie, it's hands down the best leash I've ever used. Stoked on the new SUPERLITE leash. - "World Tour Surfer, Jack Freestone

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