HS Hypto Krypto 5 Fin!

The Hypo Krypto 5 fin is a variation of the 2x Australian Surfboard of the Year, the Hypto Krypto Tri Fin model which allows it to be ridden as a Thruster or a quad.

With a completely new fin placement Hayden explains that the Hypo Krypto 5 fin ridden as a tri will surf a little more freely and have a looser feel. When ridden as a quad it has more connection due to the extra fin and giving it more drive and hold.

There has been no changes to the over all shape of the Hypo Krypto. With the new fin placement and options of ridding it as a Tri or Quad gives the rider a wider range of options and the ability to fine tune the board to what best suits you.

The Hypo Krypto 5 is only available only in Future Fins due to the release of Hyaden's brand new Fin range and the addition to the Quad rear fin designed specifically for the Hypo Krypto 5.

The Hypto Krypto 5 is a valuable in both Futureflex technology and PE construction.

FUTURE FLEX $1045 - PE - $845

Drop into Wicks and check out our great range of Hypo Krypto's and throw a 5 under your arm!